Consultant Pathology Expertise
Tailored for Forensic Pathologists

Strengthening Peer Review and Forensic Analysis with Precision

For pathologists, a deeper dive and a collaborative approach can pave the way for clearer insights. Our specialized services are dedicated to assisting forensic pathologists, reinforcing findings with an additional layer of meticulous scrutiny and agency support.

First Opinion: In-Depth Tissue Examination


Benefit from our rigorous tissue examination services. We provide a thorough analysis, helping pathologists achieve clear and decisive conclusions.

  • Top tier analyses in forensic neuropathology, cardiovascular pathology, pulmonary pathology, pediatric bone pathology, forensic radiology (including PMCT) and forensic anthropology
  • Detailed tissue evaluations
  • Comprehensive microscopic analyses including validated autopsy-specific special stains and immunostains
  • Prompt reporting and feedback
  • Collaborative approach for case discussion

Second Opinion: Peer Review


Leverage our expertise for an objective peer review. We understand the complexities and nuances of pathology, offering a fresh, insightful perspective.

  • Expert reassessment of case findings
  • Constructive feedback for clarity and accuracy
  • Collaborative dialogues on challenging cases

Collaborative Pathological Partnership

We value the power of collaboration. Partner with us for a shared mission of accurate, transparent, and comprehensive pathology services whose commitment is to truth.