Forensic Services Tailored for Families

Finding answers during challenging times.

Losing a loved one can raise numerous questions. Our specialized forensic services are designed to offer clarity and peace of mind, ensuring you receive the utmost care and understanding every step of the way.

First Opinion: Comprehensive Autopsy Services


Gain an in-depth understanding of the circumstances surrounding a loved one's death. Our autopsy services provide meticulous examinations, offering answers and clarity to your pressing questions.

  • Detailed post-mortem examination
  • Expert interpretations of findings
  • Comprehensive reports for families
  • Highly trained forensic pathologists

Second Opinion: Next-of-Kin Review Program


If you have received forensic pathology information about your loved one’s death from another source, but need helping understanding or verifying their findings, our Next of Kin Review Program provides an additional layer of expert analysis, ensuring all angles are thoroughly evaluated.

  • Review of previous autopsy findings
  • Additional tests and examinations, if necessary
  • Clear, understandable explanations for families
  • Objective, unbiased expert opinions
  • Agency supported, heavily discounted community program

Support & Guidance

We understand the complexities of your journey. Our team is here to support your journey by providing you with a truth-facing perspective about the facts as they relate to your loved one’s death.  Our team of investigators is available to speak with you about your loved one’s death, and how it has affected you and your family.