Coroner Autopsy Services

Specialized Autopsy Services for Coroners: Precision in Death Investigation

In the realm of death investigations, the intricacy and precision of forensic autopsy findings are paramount. Our coroner autopsy services are meticulously designed to equip Coroners with exacting and detailed postmortem analyses. We ensure that every investigation is backed by rigorous scientific expertise, offering clarity in both cause and manner of death. With our assistance, you can confidently navigate the complexities of each case, understanding the full spectrum of medical evidence at your disposal.

Records Review

Delve deep into the investigative and medical histories with our meticulous records review. Our team dedicates their professional expertise to understanding each case, ensuring accurate opinions on the cause and manner of death.

External Examination

Beyond the preliminary record assessments, our external examination focuses on a thorough inspection of the decedent, considering all visible aspects. Though toxicology isn't included, you'll gain insightful opinions on the COD and MOD.

Standard Autopsy

Addressing sudden and unanticipated deaths, our standard autopsy process covers both external and internal evaluations, extracting specimens for a comprehensive understanding of the event.

Complex Autopsy

For intricate and multi-layered cases, our complex autopsy service offers a profound exploration, backed by histology and tissue consultation services. Delve into the nuances of each case for a precise understanding.

Pediatric Autopsy

With a focus on younger decedents, our pediatric autopsy service is tailored to extract nuanced insights, supported by histology and tissue consultations, ensuring a thorough and compassionate examination process.

Criminally Suspicious Pediatric Death/
Homicide Autopsy

Delve into the complexities of sensitive pediatric cases that hint at criminal activity. Our specialized process, backed by histology and tissue consultations, ensures the utmost precision and clarity in findings.

Criminally Suspicious Death/
Homicide Autopsy

For cases with potential criminal implications, our detailed autopsy service meticulously examines every facet, ensuring the cause and manner of death are determined with utmost accuracy.

Brain-only Autopsy

Catering to specific situations like dementia evaluation or specific trauma, our dedicated brain-only autopsy offers targeted insights, including formal neuropathology consultations.

Dedicated Forensic Collaboration

We extend beyond mere service provision. Envision us as your steadfast forensic ally, deeply committed to bolstering the accuracy and integrity of every investigation. We strive to illuminate the facts, ensuring that the justice system benefits from the most precise, evidence-based conclusions.