Forensic Pathology Support
for Legal Professionals

Providing Indispensable Clarity on Complex Medicolegal Matters.

In legal representations, the strength and accuracy of forensic medicine and pathology evidence can be decisive. Our services are tailored to provide attorneys with precise and comprehensive forensic analyses, ensuring your case is built on a solid, unshakeable foundation.  We will also inform you of the strengths and weaknesses of the medical evidence, as it relates back to the core sciences of our profession.

Autopsy (and Second Autopsy) and In-Depth Tissue Examinations


Dive deep into the intricate details of your case with our thorough autopsy and tissue examinations. Equip yourself with forensic evidence that stands strong in any courtroom. A “no stone unturned” perspective can and does get results.

  • Comprehensive post-mortem examinations
    Advanced tissue analysis of retained organs and tissues for clearer insights
    Detailed reporting, aligned with legal requirements
    Prompt, ensuring you're always a step ahead in your case

Second Opinion Case Review

4-1 (2)

For those moments when a fresh perspective could redefine your case, trust in our Second Opinion Case Review. We provide an unbiased, comprehensive re-examination, adding depth to your legal arguments.

  • Critical reassessment of prior forensic findings
  • Integration of any new evidence or perspectives
  • Objective, truth-focused and in-depth reporting
  • Expert recommendations for fortified legal stances

Consultations in Child Dependency Cases


Specialized insights for dependency cases, aiding your pursuit of justice especially in intricate child protection matters.

  • Expert review tailored for dependency scenarios
  • Comprehensive analysis ensuring child and family welfare are prioritized within the bounds of sound, evidence-based science
  • Clear and concise reporting for legal proceedings
  • Recommendations grounded in extensive forensic experience

Strategic Legal Partnership

We don’t just offer forensic medicine and pathology services; we position ourselves as your strategic forensic services partner. Our commitment is to bring truth to the courtroom so that justice can be reached through a truth-focused, fact-facing perspective.